Nemesis is a think tank and consultancy, founded by Emily Segal and Martti Kalliala, based in Berlin, with nodes in Helsinki and NYC.

Nemesis produces self-initiated, multi-disciplinary research on fashion, subculture, urbanism, technology, design, speed, language, and death.

The first publicly available edition of Nemesis insights will be released in late 2018. This research is inspired by the concept of “grey literature,” a pre-internet term that describes materials produced outside of traditional commercial or academic publishing spheres, like annual reports, technical manuals, working papers, white papers, and evaluations, all of which lack a formal system of distribution.

Since August 2017, Nemesis has been consulting with a variety of companies and organizations, primarily in the luxury and technology sectors. As a consultancy, Nemesis provides assistance with brand positioning, audience mapping, cultural insights, and design strategy.

Friends and clients of Nemesis include: Rimowa, Off-White, True Religion, Full Node (Gnosis/Cosmos), PAN, 2x4,, and the Guggenheim.

About the Founders

Emily Segal is an artist, writer, and trend forecaster. She previously co-founded the collective K-HOLE, whom Vogue called “pop culture’s favorite trend forecasters.” K-HOLE has been covered by The New York Times, The Guardian, Wired UK, VICE, Fast Company and many other publications. They coined the concept normcore, which the fashion magazine Catalogue called “this century’s most important aesthetic movement.”

Martti Kalliala is an architect, musician, and designer. He is half of the acclaimed electronic music duo Amnesia Scanner. Formerly, he was an architect at OMA in Rotterdam. He is the author of the book Solutions Finland (Sternberg Press) as well as many essays on culture, technology, and design.

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